wild food.

The point of this website is really because I want to have all my information ready to hand, like a personalised encyclopaedia Also I suppose, a way of sharing the information I have found. Naturally an untidy yet organised sort of person, this is the computerised equivalent of a big box of useful things, opinions and trivia, and then some useless odds and ends thrown in for good luck.
Have a rummage!

The name ‘colour it green’ came about as we decided to chose our own domain name, something to take with us should we change ISP etc, and as green is our favourite colour, this is the name we came up with.  Realising we had some webspace with our account, I started to put things there, rather than lose them on my desk (I operate on the deep litter method of desk keeping...), and after that it sort of grew..

I live on the edge of Dartmoor with my family in our rural home, where we keep chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs and sheep.  We try to grow/raise as much of our food as we can, and we are interested in crafts - particularly wool, fibre fabric and wood.



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