apple sauce

bramley apples




The trick to apple sauce, is to add the sugar after cooking the apples. A fact I particularly like, as its a hint passed down through the family from my great-grandmother. Amazing how you think about people from your past when cooking different things...

anyway, peel core and chop the apples. Add the teeniest bit of water - just enough to stop the apples catching on the bottom of the pan at first. Heat, stirring all the time until the apples have mushed down into a ..well... sauce. Now taste - will be pretty zingy! and add sugar until its just how you want it... sweeter if its a dessert, sharper to accompany meat.


mulled wine apple sauce

I invented this one Christmas when I found some left over mulled wine. Adding a glass of mulled wine to applesauce and cooking until thick again, makes a lovely pink sauce with the taste of those mulling spices; cinnamon and cloves in my case. Delicious with roast pork.

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