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chamomile lawn

Here's something else I have always wanted to do.

The idea of walking on the lawn, with wafts of scent from the herb is just appealing.

When we moved to our current house, there was a slab missing from the middle of the patio and an annoying bush planted in the middle. Annoying as we had to go around it, and it had to go - and what better than replacing it with my own chamomile lawn! Ok, so technically my 'lawn' is only the size of paving slab, but I'm pleased with it!

OK so I bought a packet of 'lawn chamomile' seeds. The packet said it was good for a 10'x10' lawn - bit much for me - but the seed was like dust, so I just sprinkled a little in a small seed tray and put it in the greenhouse. Turns out I sowed about 10 million too many seeds. They were teeny, but I did manage to prick out 24 into modules. Slugs had a go, so lucky i had one or too spares...

So, I just planted my little plug plants in the newly prepared 'bed' and left it to it.

It seems there are many wonderful uses for chamomile, in particular for relieving stress and easing menstrual cramps, but it seems the useful part is the flowers, and technically I am not supposed to be able to harvest any from my lawn, as it will always be neatly trimmed. ha!. Of course it got away from me., but what the hey, we got an extra harvest and this way the plant could self seed. Well thats my story. It was soon trimmed back as you can see in the picture at the top of the page, and looks really nice.

The scent of the lawn is lovely - fresh and apple-like - much nicer than the stuff in tea bags - i never understood why people like that stuff, not my cup of tea at all (sorry!).

Chamomile is not as hard wearing as grass and not suitable for an area that gets alot of use, but asquare in the patio is fine.


As this has been so very easy, I am now tempted to try making a chamomile seat...




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