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christmas crackers


Yes.. they do look a little handmade... that's because they are handmade!. This way, a lot less expense, no unwanted tat. you can personalise the crackers for each individual if you want, have jokes and contents suitable for the crowd you have in mind, put in trivia questions if you like, and they are fun to make.


you will need:

toilet roll tubes

contents (gift, hat, joke)

cracker snaps (optional)

tissue paper (or reused wrapping paper, so long as it is thin)

stick glue

string, ribbon or pretty wool

stickers, gold pen etc to decorate (optional)




Begin by sorting out the contents. We made crown style hats out of crepe paper, wrote our own jokes, bought little 'toys' (there is lots you can do here, buy things, make things, write vouchers etc.) we wrapped the gifts in newspaper, so that when the family were making the crackers, no one knew what went into which cracker, then you just have a pile of wrapped items to choose from.

Cut one toilet tube in half and staple a snap to the inside, thread a whole tube on then staple the other half tube onto the other end of the snap. There should be a gap of about 1-1.5 inches between half tube and whole tube.

If you are not using snaps, you will just have to line it up with the spacing before covering (.. but don't forget to shout bang when pulling).

Now put contents into the middle tube.

Cut a piece of tissue paper so there is a little more then enough to roll around, and the same length. Apply glue to the edge of the tissue paper and roll up the cracker, gluing it closed.

Cut two pieces of string or ribbon. Take hold of the end tube and scrunch it into the centre, taking care not to only push the tissue paper down. Whilst, it is scrunched in, tie the string in closely. Make a bow if you feel like it. Repeat on the other end.

Now, if you feel like it, you can decorate your cracker.




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