elderflower champagne

Ahhh elderflower champagne.. reminds me of summer childhood. Once the elderflowers are out, I always feel its officially summer!


4 heads of elderflower (picked on a sunny day)

1 lemon

1lb sugar

dried yeast

Put the elderflower in a heatproof bowl, with the peel of the lemon (use a potato peeler to just get the zest - no white pith) and the juice of the lemon and the sugar. Add enough boiling water to dissolve the sugar. Stir and cover and leave overnight. Next day, strain and divide equally between 2 2L plastic fizzy bottles. Fill with plain cold water, leaving a small air gap. Put a pinch of dried yeast in each bottle and tighten the lids on. Leave on the kitchen counter. Every now and then test the bottles with a little squeeze. When the bottles become very tight, move to the fridge, and then test one once chilled (over the sink!!!) to make sure the fizz stays. Keep in the fridge (to stop the yeast from working and exploding bottles!)


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