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garden pests

If you buy any gardening books, and there are some great ones about, they should have information on all the garden pests that can thwart your veg growing plans. There are so many pests and bugs and lurgies, that if you read the books first you will either conclude vegetable growing is too hard, or 'chemical free' is impossible. Well, the good news is I did not read the books first and have grown a few different veg before I discovered it was such a frightening business. It is much harder work if you plan to garden without chemicals , but it can be done. As I am trying to grow more varieties of vegetables, and have moved to a new area, I am finding some nasties new to me as well as the usual suspects, and share here what I have discovered, and what works for us.

slugs and snails

pea leaf miner

attacks: peas, and apparently some other veg too....


pale paths wandering over the leaves of the pea plant. Underside of the leaf shows a small black blob at the end of the paths. This black blob turns out to be a pea leaf miner lavae, scoffing its way through the leaf, between the layers.


It probably wont kill the host plant, so you could leave it alone, to 'share', but equally an attacked plant wont produce as much - a quick squeeze between finger and thumb puts an end to the miner.

cockchafer grub

pea and bean weevil


cabbage white butterflies







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