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gift boxes


you will need:

you will needa square greeting card (recycle!)



pair of scissors

step 1

Separate the front and the back of the card, and work on the front part:


step2step 2

On the reverse side, draw a line from corner to corner to find the middle







step 3step 3

Fold the corners into the middle making a new square.








step 4 and 5step 4

fold the side edges into the middle and back out again. You will now have a square fold mark inside the square (see my cheesy diagram)







step 5step 5

cut along the fold lines as shown by the green lines in my cheesy diagram, on two opposite sides only, and open up the inside flaps.







step 6step 6

Lift the remaining sides up into a box shape and tuck the inside flaps in







step 7 step 7

now make the bottom for you box in the same way. The bottom will need to be slightly smaller, so cut about 5 mm off two adjoining sides, to make a slightly smaller square before repeating the steps. The glossy texture of most cards will make for a nice tight fitting yet smoothly opening box.

step 8

think of a great way to use these boxes, I have used them to contain small expensive gifts, home made sweets, and 24 of them in a heap with sweets chocolates, handwritten jokes, handmade trinkets etc.. make for a great 'advent calendar'


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