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The Self sufficient-ish Bible, by Andy and Dave Hamilton

Described as 'an eco-living guide for the 21st century', a friendly positive book, filling a gap left by the likes of John Seymours Complete book of Self Sufficiency, and Hugh F-W's River Cottage; this is not a book about downsizing or for small holders, this is for everybody, and in particular those without the time or means to be completely self sufficient. - The answer is in the 'ish'. Little steps adding up to a big change of attitude, changes that can be made in the urban setting, as well as the rural.

The book follows the successful website www.selfsufficientish.com, and covers advice on energy saving, recycling, growing vegetables on an allotments, foraging for free food, recipes and tips for a greener lifestyle, and many more.


The vegetable and Herb Expert

Really useful book for anyone wanting to grow their own veg. There are pictures of the seed, and an indication of size, details of how long the seeds for different vegetables with last etc. Sowing calendars and planting details. Pretty much everything you should find on the back of your seed packet - but often the packets are without such detail.. or missing, or you got the plant off a friend..etc. The book also has a really useful guide to pests and diseases, so you can easily find out what is munching on your crop, how important it is and what you can do about it. And finally a good book for dreaming about next year's harvest..


The New complete book of Self Sufficiency by John Seymour

As stated on the cover.. 'the classic guide for realists and dreamers' Its a great all-rounder.. allows you to ponder something new.. you can just look it up and get a few details. Seymour covers so many different subjects, all with a basic and sensible attitude. I don't agree with everything he says - of course, as he is interested in self-sufficiency more than animal welfare or being environmentally friendly, and naturally some of his information becomes out of date (you can no longer feed kitchen scraps to pigs in this country) etc - but these are small problems compared to vast amount of helpful information given. Really a worthwhile book to own.


The River Cottage Cookbook, by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

well this is the modern day book on downsizing, and it is great - part cook book part vegetable expert part smallholder guide. I am never sure if this book belongs in the kitchen, the living room or the sheep field. A great allrounder. Let me put it this way.. if I lost my copy, I would buy another


Ornamental Kitchen Garden (Gardener's World) by Geoff Hamilton

No picture for this book - but it is one of my favourites -the art of mixing up flowers and vegetables, shrubs herbs and fruit to make an attractive yet productive garden. Geoff Hamilton, a hero of mine, gives alot of useful tips: descriptions, plant calendars etc - and some ideas I had not thought of trying before - such as starting beetroot in modules and planting out later.. excellent! What can I say - buy the book!