hazelnut and chocolate chip cookies


45g bar of black chocolate

3 oz butter

2 oz sugar

4 oz self raising flour

Shell the hazelnuts, until you have about half a mug full. Put them on a tray and roast them at the top of a warm-hot oven until crunchy (10 minutes or so). Chop the chocolate into lumps, about the same size as the nuts. Put the butter sugar and flour into your food processor and blend until it forms a ball. Now take the ball of cookie dough in your hands and knead the nuts and chocolate in. If you have just roasted the nuts, the heat will start to melt the dough, so work quickly.

Roll walnut size balls and place on a greased baking tray, spread apart. Bake at the top of an the oven at about 150C. They are done when they have spread out and are slightly browned. Transfer to a rack to cool down.

makes about 12

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