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Fruity Passions - An Introduction to Country Wine-making 

This is the book I started with, and I would recommend it first to a beginner. the instructions are simple and easy to follow, the recipes interesting and varied, and the style of the book is open and friendly with chatter and memories. It clearly accompanied a BBC tv series.. but I never saw that, and the book still works!. Includes many non-alcoholic recipes too. Seems to be out of print, but available secondhand. Definitely one to look out .

  First steps in winemaking by C JJ Berry

Said to be 'the' book to buy, it certainly is detailed with a great many recipes. Berry seems found of using campden tablets and other additives, which is not for me, but you can adapt. The book also looks into cider making, and includes useful information about obtaining sweet/dry wines etc.



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