hot not cross buns

450g strong bread flour

2 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp allspice

7g sachet of fast acting yeast

100g mixed dried fruit

110g sugar

50g butter

250ml milk

1 egg

for the glaze 2 dstsp brown sugar, 2 dstsp water, 2 dstsp spoon apple jelly

Put all the dry ingredients in the mixer (or bowl if doing by hand). Melt the butter and mix with the egg and milk, then add this mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well. Turn out onto floured surface and kneed for 10 minutes or so. Divide into twelve and place on greased baking trays. Leave somewhere warm for at least and hour to rise and double in size. If you want to add crosses, now is the time. Cook at about 150-180 C for about 25 - 30 minutes.

mix the glaze ingredients until melted together. When the buns come of the oven, paint with the glaze and allow to cool. - but not too much - best eaten hot!

©colour it green 2008