lemon cordial

5 lemons (unwaxed)

1 lb granulated sugar

1 dessertspoon citric acid

hot water

Wash the lemons, then peel the zest off with a potato peeler - saving the yellow part not getting any of the white pith. Squeeze the juice from the lemons and put that with any flesh that came out (don't worry about pips), and the peel in a large heat proof bowl. Add the sugar and citric acid. Pour on just enough boiling water to disolve the sugar, stirring as you go. Then cover the bowl with a plate, and leave over night.

The next day, use a slotted spoon to remove the peel and pips (if you strain it you will lose the juicy bits of lemon, which would be a shame), and bottle. It will keep perfectly well due to the high sugar content (thats why you only add just enough boiling water when making), but keep it in the fridge anyway.

To drink - dilute with water to your own taste, particularly nice with lots of ice. For a cold 'cure', dilute with hot water and add honey, Or for a summer barbeque favourite; dilute with tonic water and add a dash of gin.

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