grow your own food

keepers nursery

great for searching out fruit trees.. with information and pictures

royal horticultural society advice pages

suttons seeds

home education

BBC schools

BBC schools catalogue request form

BBC schools program guide

education otherwise

The most well known UK home ed organisation working to give information and support to home educators.

education otherwise yahoo group run by EO people, but you don't have to be a member to join. do expect alot of emails though - but it's a great place to ask questions, and just pick up ideas and information

HE special

for those with kids with special educational needs. Great website, really useful forum, and some month long blogs of people doing HE , and how.

house and home

Heather Coleman's clay tobacco pipe page

Really interesting page - full of information on the history of the pipes - and how good to find I am not the only one who collects bits of china, pipes etc.



animal health (used to be state veternary service)

Devon Association of Smallholders (DASH)

Devon Closewool Sheepbreeders society


DEFRA guidance for keepers in England, rules for identifying sheep and goats

DEFRA Holding register

DEFRA transport guidance

the national sheep association

rare breeds survival trust

rural payments agency

make it yourself

BBC garden's page on willow structures

garden organic's factsheet on willow structures

jolly interesting - van conversion

personal account of converting a transit into a campervan

self build motor caravaners club

forum and artlcles for people converting their own campervan

self sufficiency

alternative country lifestyles (ACL)

Devon Association of Smallholders (DASH)

downsizer.net 'for a sustainable and ethical future'

good forum and lots of useful articles

eat the seasons

page that gives you an idea of what is in season, with descriptions and links to recipes.


the green providers directory

river cottage.net

Self sufficientish

The urban guide to almost self sufficiency. Really friendly forum

self sufficient type bloggy things

like minded people... a bit like minded anyway.. well people with bits of their minds that are like the bits of my mind that I like...


probably the most linked blog in the world..

make a rainbow

doing the green thing in a small garden in Ireland. Beautiful photos... good ideas and crafts


alternative lifestyle in North East Scotland

wardrobe refashion

fantastic and inspiring - lots of differnet people from aroudn the world taking the challenge to not buy new, but alter and remake.


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