nettle pastasteaming pasta!

3 litres of nettle tips (or the nettles left over from making nettle beer)

500g fine flour

2-3 eggs

pinch of salt

use of a pasta machine.


I made this by saving the nettles from making nettle beer (removing the lemon peel afterwards)- ideal: one picking session results in two recipes! To start from stratch, pick only the nettle tips of young nettles. Cover with two litres of water, bring to the boil and boil for half to one hour. Strain. Squeeze the nettles to remove all the water - you should end up with two egg sized lumps of nettle pulp

In a mixer blend the flour and nettles together then add two eggs. The mixture should resemble sand.. and a pinch of it squeezed together holds, if too wet add more flour.. if too dry add more egg.

Turn the sandy mixture onto a board and squeeze together into a lump, then need for a few minute. Then use in your pasta machine, following its instructions, making whatever pasta you prefer - we made spagetti. Cook or dry for later use

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