poached pears

In a way this is like making the equivalent of tinned pears -although better, which might seem a shame - but as pears are ripened indoors and all seem to ripen at the same time, you do need another way to have them other than raw, and also ways to preserve them.

pears - just ripe or nearly ripe

1 lb sugar

1 pint water

spices - optional - i.e vanilla pod, cloves.


mix the sugar and water in a pan, then heat until you have made a syrup. Turn off the heat, and then start peeling, quartering and coring the pears, dropping them into the syrup as you go (to stop them going brown). Boil for 10 - 15 mintues for small pears (longer for bigger), then remove from the heat. Serve hot with icecream melting over them and a little of the syrup

or, to freeze for another day or other recipes: pack into boxes and make sure the pears are covered with syrup, then cool quickly ( I usually put them on the doorstep outside), label and freeze.

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