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snowman washcloth


PhotobucketAny DK cotton yarn will do, I used patons 100% cotton, in white, red and black + a little orange.

4mm needles


C/o = cast on
C/Off = cast off
K = knit
Sts = stitches
S = slip
KFB = knit into front and back of next stitch
PSSO = pass previously slipped stitch over knitted stitch
K2tog = knit 2 together

C/o 10 sts

1. knit
2. s1, KFB, K to last 2 sts, KFB K1
rows 3 – 9 repeat row 2 until there are 26 sts
10. S1 KFB K to end
Rows 11-19 as row 10
20. S1 K to end
rows 21-37 as row 20
38. S1, (S1, K1 PSSO), K to end
Rows 39 – 47 as row 38
48. S1, (S1 K1 PSSO) K to last three stitches, k2tog K1
rows 49-51 as 48
52. C/Off 2 sts, K to end
53 C/Off 2 sts. Change to red, k to end
54 S1 K to end
55 as 54
56. C/Off 2 K to end
57. C/Off 2, change to white K to end
58. S 1 K to end
59. S1 KFB K to last 2 sts, KFB K1
Rows 60 – 62 as row 59
63 S1 KFB K to end
rows 64 – 66 as 63
67. S1 K to end
68. as 67
69. as63
70. as 63
rows 71 – 74 as row 67
75. S1 (S1 K1 PSSO) K to end
76. as 75
rows 77 – 78 as 67
rows 79 - 80 as 75
81. push sts to end of needle and break yarn, Using black, C/O 5 sts, K across these sts and then across the white stitches
82. C/O 5 sts (in black), K to end
83. S1 K to end
84 as 83
85. C/Off 8 sts K to end
86. C/Off 8 sts K to end
Rows 87 – 94 S1 K to end
C/Off remaining sts.

Scarf: pick up three stitches from bottom edge of scarf on one side, and knit as many rows as you like. When you are happy with the scarf length, cast off.

To finish: - make ‘coal’ eyes and buttons etc by taking two lengths of black yarn, tie a granny knot, then tie two more knots on top. Sew this into place, using the ends of the knots, then turn over and tie three granny knots on top of one another for the coal on the other side (remember to make the sewing look good on both sides!)Trim excess thread. Repeat for other features.
Using a little orange, embroider a carrot nose (again taking care that it works on both sides of the cloth.)

Darn in any loose threads.

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