spinach and feta triangles

spinach (or beet spinach) - a colander full

1 packet of feta cheese

a few basil leaves, torn into small bits

1 packet of filo pasty

butter (lots!)


Steam the spinach until soft and mash up, getting rid of as much water as you can. Mash in the feta and basil leaves.

Open out the pastry and cut in half along the width, now divide each half pile into eight small strips. Stack up and keep under a damp tea towel while you work. Melt the butter.

Brush each strip with butter, then place a heaped teaspoon of spinach mixture at the bottom, then fold into a triangle. Keep rolling the triangle up the strip,( like they fold flags...) then place on a baking tray and brush with butter. Use up all of the spinach mixture. You shoudl make about 20.

Bake at about 180C for ten minutes or so, until browned.

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