strawberry liqueur




Hull and freeze the strawberries. Fill a jar with the rock hard frozen strawberries then shake in as much sugar as you can get into the jar. Then fill up with vodka. Watch the jar over the next few hours, as the strawberries thaw, and the sugar dissolves, the vodka level goes down. Keep it topped with with vodka, to the very top as the strawberries want to float out of the liquid. Keep the jar somewhere dark and where you wll notice it every day - I use the cupboard I keep the coffee in. Each day give it a little shake and top up again if necessary. After about a week the strawberries will look very sad and the liquid will be a lovely shade of red. Strain the soggy strawberries (and eat them if I were you!). The remaining liquid will be very much like alcohol jam - so nice on icecream etc, but I prefer to dilute with more vodka to take some of the sickliness away. About one part vodka to 2 parts strawberry stuff works well for me - but it's a matter of taste. (with all the tasting and eating of vodka infused strawberries best not to drive after making this recipe!) When you are happy with the mix - bottle label and store in the dark to keep the fantastic red colour!

I found about two handfulls of strawberries made aprox 70 cl of liqueur. Nice served chilled.

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