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veg patch virtual tour

















veg patch virtual tour


a little picture tour of our veg growing efforts in our first year of our new place:

The round bedding plant bed we inherited.. now home to some very pretty courgettes...

veg patch in what was once perfect lawn... home now to runner beans, pea, sweetcorn, gherkins, borlotti beans, beet spinach, rocket, radishes, parsnips, baby leeks and garlic

same bed - different view:

bed home to some sulking squash plants, slug demolished dill and my beloved sorrel


new patches outside of garden, spuds and sweetcorn in far bed, beetroot, spring onions red cabbage, calabrese, carrots, some very sulky caulis, parsnips:

and the next two - home to sulking celeriac (don't hold out much hope for it) and dwarf french beans. new bed in progress behind

new greenhouse, with tomatoes and aubergines:

old greenhouse - falling down....shakes when wind blows.. on the to-do list...

inside old greenhouse.. home to tomatoes, cucumber, chili, and usually our cat: